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Month: December, 2015

10 Reasons You Suck As A Parent

10 Reasons You Suck As A Parent


Quick read for you parents of elementary students, so you can get to being a better parent.


  1. If only time you’ve communicated with your child’s teacher is at open house at the beginning of the school year. You Suck!!!


  1. If you don’t ever look over your child’s homework. You Suck!!!


  1. If you make arrangements to hang out at the club but can’t make arrangements to make to your child’s school. You Suck!!!


  1. If you don’t have small amounts of quality time with your children on a daily basis. You Suck!!!


  1. If your child is struggling at school and you haven’t made it a priority to aid her. You Suck!!!


  1. If you don’t take the time to occasionally listen to your child’s long rants about randomness. You Suck!!!


  1. If you don’t teach your child to be better than you when he grows up. You Suck!!!


  1. If you can’t know what your child is into. You Suck!!!


This blog post isn’t to make you feel bad at your parenting skills; its purpose is to make you aware of your areas of improvement. There are no perfect parents, but we can all be better. Step your game up.




Happy New YOU (Part 2, kind of)

If you haven’t read the post from 12/22/15, please read before proceeding. If you have your goal in mind and ready to take on all that comes with accomplishing this goal, you are ready for 2016. Now that you are ready you don’t necessarily have to go at it alone. I would love to be a part of this journey with you. If you would like some encouragement and someone to hold you accountable doing your transition, please do one or all of the following.

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  1. Go to and let the spirit move you from there.

Have an Amazing 2016

Getting Ready For 2016 (Part 1)

2016 is just around the corner and everybody will be saying, “2016 is my year”. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you; no it will not be your year. Just like all the other years that were suppose to be yours. Don’t be sad, I’m not going to tell you that and not tell you how it can be your year. Below I’m going to list 4 simple ways to make the most out of 2016.

Note: In order for it to work, you must start NOW.

  1. Know, Set and Post Your Goals. It’s not enough to say I want to loss weight, I want to go back to school, I want…. You need to have a clear understanding of what it is you want, the steps it will take to reach it and the willingness to endure the struggles and sacrifices that come with it. Post your goals so that you can see them everyday. Post in multiple locations such as the bathroom mirror, in your car, on your phone and even social media. Why social media, so that you can have some accountability and maybe feed off the energy of others doing the same thing.
  2. Track Your Progress. Keep a daily or weekly journal on what your successes and setbacks. This is a great way to stay motivated, correct your mistakes and eliminate roadblocks in the way of your goal.
  3. Make sure whatever your goal is there are daily tasks that must be fulfilled. Consistence is the key to success in any goal.
  4. Don’t just approach each day, attack each day. Every morning you wake up (which is enough to be thankful for), start       with the mindset that you are going to crush your goal for today. Every day is a day to improve yourself, get closer to your goals and a day to be simply AMAZING.

Take A Staycation



  1. A period of recreation spent away from home but in the same city.

This is rough definition of a staycation but you get the point. School, traffic, work, traffic, bills, traffic and more traffic can all be a bit much for any family. A great way to de-stress is to plan and take a family staycation. It’s simple and can be quite inexpensive if you plan ahead of time. Decide on a local hotel that offers amenities that the whole family can appreciate such as free breakfast and dinners, pool, gym, near a family-themed activity center. A staycation can serve as a reset button from the daily rat race and maybe last you until you can take a real vacation.

Why Fathers Need To Bond With Their Children (Influence)

You as a parent are literally up against the world when it comes to influencing your children. Peer pressure, social media, their environment, television, music; they want and will try to influence your child. It’s up to you to instill values and morals in your child to aid them in fighting the temptations of the world. Talk with your child regularly to see what’s going on in their life. Yes, they do have a life of their own. Also, use social media as a way to see what’s going in the world of young adults such as trends, music, fashion and more. This way you can talk about it and show your child that you are willing to put in the work to properly engage them.

4 Reasons You Won’t Accomplish Sh!t In 2016

Disclaimer: I was having a conversation and got upset about how this group of people thought they were going to accomplish what they’ve been trying to accomplish for years doing the same thing. I’m just typing what I feel and posting, because someone needs this message NOW. Warning: There might be errors but the point is accurate.


  1. It’s in the details. You want to start your own business, lose weight or spend more quality with your family, that’s the goal but goal setting is not what you should focus on. You need to focus on what you are going to change and do to accomplish the goal. Your focus should be I would dedicate two hours a week to creating and implementing my business plan. I will start exercising three times a week and start eating more fruits and vegetables in my meals. Cut out the sweets and fatty foods as well. Friday nights are family fun night, no cell phone, no work, and no distractions, just quality with the family. See how that is different than just stating the ultimate goal.
  1. You don’t believe. You say what you want to change or accomplish but in your mind you are already defeated by your thoughts. Quick story. My personal trainer wanted me to do a particular exercise and I told him I couldn’t do it. If he was there that would have been the end of it and I never would have even tried, even though I wanted to. Once I believed, I tried. Once I tried and struggled but I continued to believe. I did it. Believing that you can accomplish and putting forth the effort, you can do almost anything.
  1. It’s just for show. Save me with that I’m going to quick smoking as you are lighting up another cigarette. Quit talking about I’m going to get this weight off as you eat a supersize meal with a large diet soda. It’s a poor attempt to deflect the wrong you are doing in front of others. Nobody is buying it, not even you. So if you are going to say to me in 2016, that you are going to start your business when you get your money, I’ll just say okay, while shaking my head.
  2. You think January 1st magically changes you. I don’t know if anyone to told you this but January 1st doesn’t magically make it easier to start whatever it is that you are attempting to do. If you really want start a business, lose weight, be a better parent, etc. You have to start the process NOW. You have to prep and implement your plan ahead of the New Year so that you are ready to maintain it on the 1st.

Bonding with the Kids Tip (Dinner)

Dinnertime is the perfect time for the family to engage one another. Make it a habit to at LEAST once a week to sit down for dinner together and talk. No television or cell phones allowed! Talk about your day, week and plans for the immediate future. Discuss possible family vacations or past and future quality time moments. Once you develop the habit of doing this once a week, it will slowly turn to twice a week, then three times a week.