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Month: November, 2015

Why Fathers Need To Bond With Their Children (Self-Esteem)

Instead of a list of a bunch of ways to build your child’s self esteem, I’m going to focus on one. (A future blog post will focus on ways to build a child’s self-esteem) Quality time is the greatest way you can build a child’s self-esteem. You will notice if you have read previous blog posts from Daddy Everyday and future posts, that quality time is a big factor in being a great father and raising amazing children. Quality time shows your child that they are important to you and instills in them how others should treat them. Some adults struggle with this now because they were never shown or treated like they should have been treated as children. Break this vicious cycle by putting in the work now.


Bonding with the Kids Tip (Volunteering)

Take a look at your work schedule and make a commitment to volunteering on your off days. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hours of volunteering, in some cases just a few minutes will have an impact on the organization you are volunteering with and have a big affect on your kids thought process when it comes to volunteering. A great place to volunteer is your child’s school. Educators are always in need of another support with tasks such as stapling papers, making copies, supervising kids drop-off and pickup, etc. All these tasks will only require a couple of minutes of your time and will greatly support your child, their fellow classmates and the educators.

Why Fathers Need To Bond With Their Children (Understanding)

As fathers we have an idea of how we want our children to be. However, each child is different. These differences include learning ability, how they play, foods they like, social skills, etc. The only way to be attuned to all of this and more is by bonding with your child every step of the way in their growth and development. Little quality with your child can cause you to miss out of new developments and issues that your child may be encountering in their growth. Being an active father, engaging and playing with your child on the regular will allow you to pickup on things that you won’t by just being a “present” father.

Bonding with the Kids Tip (Games)

Yes, we all have busy schedules and it is difficult to spend quality time with the younglings. Here’s a tip on getting in some quality time.

When we were growing up, we played board games, football in the yard, hide and seek, etc.…Well, bring back your childhood and introduce it to your children. Spend as much time as you can play some board games and other non-electronic games with your children. Take notes on who won in what and take pictures, for the family scrapbook. Don’t have a family scrapbook make one.