75 Weekend Family Activities

by Daddy Everyday Blog

75 Weekend or Vacation Family Activities

Make this a checklist and spend some quality time with your family.

  1. Start a family garden
  2. Family movie night
  3. Have a family dinner out
  4. Cook a meal together
  5. Family bike rides
  6. Dance competition
  7. Collect and paint rocks
  8. Create a first aid kit
  9. Create a family mission statement
  10. Complete a science project
  11. Read a book together
  12. Family game night
  13. Neighborhood walks
  14. Feed the homeless
  15. Go bowling
  16. Create a scrapbook
  17. Have a garage sale
  18. Attend church together
  19. Have a home photo shoot
  20. Have a bubble blowing contest
  21. Play hide-and-seek
  22. Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard
  23. Have a water balloon fight
  24. Have your own American Idol competition
  25. Watch a marathon of your favorite show
  26. Go to a museum
  27. Have a push-up or jump rope contest
  28. Clip pictures of a family dream home
  29. Perform magic tricks
  30. Have a karaoke night
  31. Go fishing (real worms optional)
  32. Flag Football in the yard
  33. Yard work
  34. Clean the house like it’s a game
  35. Watch a movie at home
  36. Take a karate class
  37. Play Uno or your favorite card game
  38. Hang pictures in the house
  39. Create a family cookbook
  40. Paint a bedroom
  41. Go window-shopping
  42. Go on a nature hike
  43. Write a family song or rap
  44. Create a family calendar
  45. Have a Soul Train line
  46. Visit the library
  47. Play flag football
  48. Play Videos
  49. Take a dance class
  50. Play Miniature golf
  51. List all of the local “kids eat free” locations
  52. Label all the things with a new language to learn
  53. Go visit open houses
  54. Create a family recipe book
  55. Throw family house party with the kids as the DJ
  56. Bake cookies
  57. Have a family barbecue
  58. Create emergency plans (fire escape)
  59. Have a formal dinner at home
  60. Make a grocery list and shop
  61. Have a scavenger hunt
  62. Work on a puzzle
  63. Watch a movie and critique it
  64. Go to a professional sports game
  65. Skype call to out of town family
  66. Develop a family tree
  67. Create a family play
  68. Learn a home repair
  69. Start a collection
  70. Collect items and take them to Goodwill
  71. Family slumber party
  72. Create your own board game
  73. Go on a family picnic
  74. Volunteer in the community
  75. Wash the cars