Now, That B%tch Wants To Put Me On Child Support.

by Daddy Everyday Blog

Now, That B%tch Wants To Put Me On Child Support.

Let me start this post with, she wasn’t a b!tch when you laid down with her. Or if she was, you should have worn protection. Now, that we have established she is not a b!tch for putting you on child support, let’s get started.

The purpose of child support is to provide financial assistance for the child. This child support money should be paid by the non-custodial parent. Know that even in joint custody cases with two custodial parents, one may still need to pay child support. Arrangements for financial support for your child should be in written and overseen by a third party. Even if the relationship between you and the mother is good. Times change and so do people. Get it in writing or go to the courts for a decision.

So, what happens if you are hit with paying back child support? You should have handled this from the beginning, but hindsight is 20/20. Below are is a list of penalties you can be imposed on you for failing to pay back child support:

Seizure of tax refund

Denial of passport

Suspension of license

Wage garnishment

Jail time

Property seizure

In addition, your back child support money will still be due. However, there are ways to address your back child support issues and avoid the serious penalties.

The ideal move is to act and handle your responsibilities now. You can’t change the fact that you got behind but you can do something about it now. Do to the severity of back child support in some states; I suggest you contact a lawyer. Look for a lawyer that specializes in family law. Demonstrate to the courts you are willing to meet all your child support obligations. Maintain an open line of communication with you child’s mother. I know you have heard how a bitter mother can make your child support experience hell. Even if you are doing right by your child. Here are a couple options you may have in paying back child support.

If your child lived with you for a period of time, while you should have paid child support, you may be able to ask the court for equitable forgiveness. It is possible for the court to take equitable forgiveness into account and forgive a portion of your back child support debt.

If you have a record of your child support payments and feel you are paying the wrong amount, you can ask for a recalculation of your child support amount.

You can make a settlement with your ex. Organize negotiations through the courts to pay your ex a lump sum to settle the debt you owe. The court will need to approve such settlement.

Make an attempt to get your interest waived on what you owe in back child support. Submit a plan to pay off your back child support in specified time period. This could assist in getting your interest waiver approved.

Consider taking out a loan to pay for back child support. The interest rate on the loan could be lower than that of the back child support.

If you are not making that much money or short on work, see if you can spend more time with your child. Present this proposal as a way to free up time for your ex and it allow you to get more quality time with your child while you search for adequate employment.

If you are the one this post was written for, I wish you much luck in your attempt to make things right. I hope the information in this post is helpful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read it