Ways To Bond With The Family When You Have A Busy Schedule

by Daddy Everyday Blog

Ways To Bond With The Family When You Have A Busy Schedule

Bills have to be paid and they don’t pay themselves. Kids are involved in more after schools activities than ever before. However, your family needs you, and truly wants and need to spend quality time with you. The following are 15 ways to connect and bond with your family when you are too busy or away.

  1. Put up funny and loving post-it notes in frequently visited areas of the house for your family members to find and enjoy.
  1. Allow your teenager to put together a mixtape or playlist of music he/she listens to. You guys can discuss the music after you listen to it.
  1. Schedule at least one-day trip a month to spend with the family, like a mini-vacation. Schedule it, post it and stick to it.
  1. Text household members daily to maintain a connection.

5. Eat as many meals together as possible. I know this can be difficult. Breakfast may be the best bet.

  1. Celebrate accomplishments as a family such as good grades, promotion at work, losing a pound or any small victory.
  1. Volunteering as a family unit is a great way to strengthen the family bond and instill positive values in your children.
  1. Start a 1000 piece puzzle. Family members work on it when they have a chance. Although, not done together, when it is complete it was a team effort.

9. Create a family Instagram or Facebook Group. This way you can check out what’s going in each other lives.

  1. Bake a cake a week until each member of the family as baked one. Each week the family rates the cake of the week and at the end of the month, pick who had the best tasting cake.
  1. Pick a movie scene for the family to re-enact. Each member is responsible for parts of the production and performance of the scene. On a scheduled date, record that scene performance.
  1. Skype when you are out of town. Simple enough, right.
  1. Play an online video against your children from everywhere you are in the world.
  1. Read a book or magazine article and have a discussion about it the next time the family is together.
  1. Write letters to each other and put it in the mail.