I Am The Atlanta Falcons

by Daddy Everyday Blog

I Am The Atlanta Falcons

Now, even if you are not a Falcons fan, please don’t let that stop you from reading this blog post. The Atlanta Falcons ended the season 6-10 after a 4-14 season in 2013. Going into this 2014 season there were four main objectives; establish a running game, pass rush defense, beef up the offensive line and stop the run. Well, if you kept up with the Dirty Birds this season you know the outcome. The O Line suffered several injuries. I can honestly say that they indeed tried their best to improve the O Line. However, that defense! Let’s put it this way, worst in the league in nearly all-critical defensive stats. In the offseason it looked promising in the beginning, then their efforts just stopped. As a fan, I just trusted their decisions and readied myself for the season. That little effort to the defense earned us the worst defense in the league.

I love the Falcons, despite the two bad seasons, it’s sad to see that they fired Coach Mike Smith. I even at times said fire the coach, out of anger and frustration. However, I knew that he was only working with what he had. The thinking was that we could plug some random pieces in the defense and continue to let our Top 10 Offense carry the team. Well, that wasn’t enough. This is where I Am The Atlanta Falcons. As you may know, I operate Daddy Everyday Inc., a nonprofit organization for empowering black fathers. I have written two books, Daddy Everyday, Rewriting The Black American Dad Story and Mommy Everyday, Finding Balance In Motherhood. I have also developed a website (daddyeveryday.org) and a mobile app available on Amazon and Google Play that gives great empowering tools and information to fathers. In addition, I have hosted a couple of events with several more coming in 2015. Despite all that, I have not had the success or growth I desire. The reason why is because I much like the Falcons, know what I needed to do to take myself to the next level and have not done that. My “defensive needs” are networking and collaborating. I’ve been trying to start a movement by creating and developing all the tools and information to empower fathers and change communities, without building the team needed to accomplish my goals. Good looks can only take you so far.

I hope that all make sense; I tend to ramble when I’m trying to make a point. You can’t accomplish your goals if you don’t acknowledge and address your shortcomings. Just like the firing of Coach Mike Smith, the Atlanta Falcons have started their process of making the necessary changes; I have done so as well. So, get ready for Daddy Everyday Inc. and Atlanta Falcons to make a lot of noise in 2015.