10 Reasons The Black Community Is So F’ed Up

by Daddy Everyday Blog


  1. Worldstar

This site is a great place to see the negative perception of our youth. How can we complain about how the media report us, if we are sharing negative videos of ourselves?

  1. Are We or Are We Not N-words

Who are the board members of the black race that declared the N-Word is okay for some and not for all. How can we get upset when an old white woman uses the N-word decades ago but allow our kids dance to songs that are filled the N-Word?

  1. Black America

Is Black America different from America? Seriously, is it? I don’t think we are all on the same page?

  1. Reality Television is Our Perception

Does anyone else have a problem with all black themed reality shows being the very definition of what the stereotypes of Black Americans?

  1. No Legacy

What are we leaving for our children to build upon as they transition to adulthood? Answer this, what will your children have right now if you were to pass?

  1. Inmates over Students

It’s amazing how our culture show more support to people who chose to participate in activities that are criminal and endangers our community but people who chose to strive for higher education, are left to fend for themselves. Unless they have a wicked jump shot! Who do you support more?

  1. What do we OWN

We keep complaining about how “the system” won’t hire us or is holding us back. Why don’t we own major tech companies, professional sports teams or any large corporations in record numbers?

  1. Being a Deadbeat is Acceptable

It’s a fact that our community needs more fathers present. So, how is that known deadbeats fathers are able to get some many woman pregnant? Don’t act like you didn’t know! Have you ever told a deadbeat dad to step up?

  1. Is Hip Hop still the voice of the People?

Gold chains, drugs and b*tches, you mean to tell me there’s nothing else going on in our community (unjust prison system, high school dropout rate, fatherless homes? Or is this mainstream radio attempt to keep us dumb downed? From wanting to be Kings and Queens to calling ourselves bad b*tches and thugs.

  1. Agenda?

We have more power then ever to change the ills in our community and in the world. However, what is the agenda to make these changes? Do we need leadership to do so? How do we unite or do we want to unite?

*This is just my opinion. You may agree on some and disagree on others. However, until we as a community are on the same page, we will continue to see the ills that the black community currently face. I want to be a part of the change. No, I am a part of the change. Are you?