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Month: October, 2013

I’m Not Going To Be Like Him by Maulud Sadiq

Excerpt from Daddy Everyday

This was my mantra throughout my youth. Although I grew up knowing my father – a blessing many didn’t have – and even living with him off and on until graduating high school, the fact remained. He remarried and had other children; they were his priority. Because of this, the things that fathers teach their boys like how to tie a tie, how to throw a football or baseball, how to change oil or a tire – you name it – he didn’t teach me. I learned these things from my older brother, uncles, or friends. He never saw me play football, soccer, and basketball.  He never saw me play trombone. My father never saw me play MLK or sing in talent shows. He missed all of this. But not me. I’ll never miss my child’s life events like this. Twenty-two years later, in a new marriage with child on the way and a daughter who is growing up swiftly in another household over six hundred miles away, I understand my father much better. Unfortunately I am doing the same things that he did…


You Can Teach A Boy How To Be A Man, We Can Show Them

Excerpt from Daddy Everyday

Please understand before you go any further, this is not a single mother bashing chapter. I know a lot of single mothers. I wish it wasn’t that way, but I do. All of them are hard working intelligent strong woman, who do right by their children. I commend them on their work in raising our future. When I say single mother, I mean the ones that are doing it with very little assistance, if any assistance at all. When I say assistance, I mean taking care of the child, not just financially. I know single women are able to raise a boy to be a society contributing man; teaching him values and tools he will need in life. The difference is ladies; we can show them how to be a man.                                                                                                                    

There are values embedded in me that as an adult and father, I learned from my father without him telling me. My dad, whom I learned later in life wasn’t my biological, treated me like his own. Charlie Lee Hill, Sr., was a very hard workingman that never missed a day of work, regardless of what was going on in his life or health. When the car wasn’t working…