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Month: September, 2013

Black and White World

One day Kendrick and I were at McDonald’s, playing on their playground. Well Kendrick was playing on the playground; I was on my Mac working on some homework. Kendrick and two other kids were playing on the playground with two ladies and myself observing the kids. The kids were playing quite well. Kendrick loves making friends and playing with other kids. Kendrick was about 5 or 6 at the time. The time had come for the ladies and their children to leave. The older ladies said, “Come on guys, it’s time to go.” The boy that was playing with Kendrick, who had to be about 8, said, “I want to keep playing with the brown boy.” The ladies were horrified as they looked at me. I was looking directly at them; I was just as shocked as they were. The older lady said to the boy, “Why wouldn’t you ask him his name since you have been playing with him?” The kids said their goodbyes and then they were gone.

That was a couple of years ago but from time to time I think about that day or rather that moment and wonder, did I handle that well. I’ve come to the conclusion that I did exactly what I was supposed to do. It was my part to teach this kid about not just identifying people by their skin color. I don’t know his upbringing. His house may have never talked about race, which is similar to my house. Heck, in my house, we say W people and B people when talking about…


‘[Life] Only Gives Us One Opportunity to Be a Dad to Our Kids When They’re Young’- BEN JEALOUS

A great example of Daddy Everyday.

Black America Web

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Roland Martin talks with NAACP president and CEO, Ben Jealous, about his resignation from the position and what’s next for the 40-year-old husband and father of two.

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The Day My Life Changed Forever (Daddy Everyday excerpt)

Excerpt from Daddy Everyday from the chapter entitled, The Day My Life Changed Forever

     November 9, 2005, was a typical day at work but would prove to be a life changing one. I was an overnight team member at Target in Atlanta, working in logistics. For weeks leading up to this day, my mind was filled with thoughts of what it would be like being a father. At home was my pregnant wife and I knew that at any moment I could receive that call. That call, being “go time” which meant going home to grab the overnight bag and head to the hospital time. Around 5:32 a.m. I heard a call over the loud speaker, “Delonso, you have a call on ext. 228.” All the guys I was working with looked at me and followed me as I tried to rush to a phone. The first two phones I went to were not working and I grew extremely anxious. Finally, I reached a phone that was operational and the call on ext. 228 was gone. I quickly dialed the number to my wife’s cell phone. She answered, and said, “I tried calling you and yes, it is ‘go time.’” I raced home to pick up Kisha and the soon-to-be-named baby bag. But when I got home she was no longer in the same pain she was in when she called. Still about an hour later we went to the hospital anyway. To be honest, I can’t say I was nervous anymore. The only thing I knew was that I was ready to see my little dude…

How many of you dads can relate to this excerpt?