Definition of Daddy Everyday

by Daddy Everyday Blog

Daddy Everyday


noun 1. A diminutive of dad

verb 1. to father or sire


adjective 1. of or pertaining to every day; daily

noun 1. the routine or ordinary day or occasion

 When I came up with the book Daddy Everyday, I had various situations in mind pertaining to the concept of Daddy Everyday. In the traditional sense, being a daddy everyday constitutes interacting with your children on a daily basis. This daily interaction includes but not limited to, helping with homework, talking with your kids, playing games and making decisions that  positively affect the family. Dads that live a part from there kids or limited time together, those dads too can be daddy everyday. Even though a father is away from his children, his daily decisions, communication with his children and the way he lives his life will affect his children. Being conscious of your daily actions and keeping your children first, makes you a daddy everyday.

 In short, our daily conscious actions as fathers will effect our children in the now and the future. Act accordingly…everyday!