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Month: August, 2013

Definition of Daddy Everyday

Daddy Everyday


noun 1. A diminutive of dad

verb 1. to father or sire


adjective 1. of or pertaining to every day; daily

noun 1. the routine or ordinary day or occasion

 When I came up with the book Daddy Everyday, I had various situations in mind pertaining to the concept of Daddy Everyday. In the traditional sense, being a daddy everyday constitutes interacting with your children on a daily basis. This daily interaction includes but not limited to, helping with homework, talking with your kids, playing games and making decisions that  positively affect the family. Dads that live a part from there kids or limited time together, those dads too can be daddy everyday. Even though a father is away from his children, his daily decisions, communication with his children and the way he lives his life will affect his children. Being conscious of your daily actions and keeping your children first, makes you a daddy everyday.

 In short, our daily conscious actions as fathers will effect our children in the now and the future. Act accordingly…everyday! 


How to Truly Honor Trayvon Martin

How to Truly Honor Trayvon Martin (in short form)

     Don’t get me wrong, wearing the hoodies to show support for Trayvon and the Martin was much needed. The fight to get the “Stand Your Ground” law overturned is also much needed. Now, that the accused has been found innocent of this terrible crime, what do we do now? The negative perception of black male youth played a major role in the death of Trayvon Martin. Let’s make an effort to change the perception of our black male youth. Sadly, some of the perception is not just a perception but a reality of our youth. Dropping out of high school, trouble with the law and a lack of  employment plague our youth and this has to change. This change starts with the parents getting even more involved in their children lives. When I say parents, I mean both mom and dad regardless of martial status . Changing the mentality of our youth to know that a solid education will set them up for success, will eliminate or at least reduce the three major issues I mentioned earlier. Speaking of education, that brings me to the way we can truly honor Trayvon Martin. To all the parents out their that rock their hoodies or posted Trayvon Martin photos online to show support, make sure your children graduate from high school. Graduating from high school will honor his memory by doing something he will not be able to do.  To all the celebrities that received extra press before and during the trial, showing their support to the Martin family, start a scholarship in his name. That’s how you honor a young man with unlimited possibility, gone too soon.

     How will I honor Trayvon Martin is simple. I will continue to raise my boys up right and make sure they go on to live productive lives. Also, I intent to start a scholarship fund in Trayvon Martin’s name. You can hold me to it. Once I sell my first 5,000 books of Daddy Everyday, I’m starting a Trayvon Martin Scholarship. That’s how I will honor the memory of Trayvon Martin. How will you truly honor Trayvon Martin?


Funding Daddy Everyday

Funding Daddy Everyday

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