Excerpt from Daddy Everyday

by Daddy Everyday Blog

Excerpt from Daddy Everyday, chapter entitled “Musical Chairs (Biological Father Style)

         The man that raised me is Charlie Lee Hill, and he is my dad, only one I know and recognize as such. Now, as I gotten older I wondered why my last name was Barnes and my little sister and brother last name was Hill. However, I never questioned my mom or dad, because it wasn’t a big deal to me. Well, one day I was going through my folks’ vinyl collection and listening to music on the record player. I stumbled across I think a Jackson 5 or Marvin Gaye 45 with the words Raymond Barnes and Shirley Barnes written on it. So, of course I put 2 and 2 together and realized that Raymond Barnes must be my biological father. I had to be about 11 or 12 at this time. Basically that was the beginning and end of my quest for the truth. It would be two decades before I pondered on the origin on Delonso Antony Barnes.

         In 2005, my first son was born, Kendrick Dylan Barnes. I had come accustomed to thinking of myself as the first Barnes, so this was the second generation of Barnes’. Every once in a while the wife would mention about getting to know whom my biological father was. Like always with anything that required work and I didn’t see the immediate benefit to me, I gave it a thought and moved on. I’m 30 plus at this moment and I’ve done pretty well with my life. Charlie Hill did a good job with me. I could live the rest of my life like this and I would be okay.

         When Kendrick was about 5, he started spending every other weekend at his grandmother’s house. His grandmother, my mother in law lived with a man by the name of Carey Reed. Reed was a talkative fellow, but Kendrick adored him. The next thing I know Kendrick started referring to him as “granddad”. It didn’t bother me; he was good to Kendrick and his grandma. It would later be a lesson to me to take him to Columbus, Georgia more often to see my dad. A couple of months after Kendrick turned 6, Carey started feeling stiffness in his left leg. He put a brace on it and moved on. Then it got worse…